Woeful Wednesday @ Senzafine

This week Senzafine got accepted into the recently revived Woeful Wednesday which features up to 40 designers each week placing items up for sale at only L$50! The theme for the weekly group is based off the designers themselves, dealing primarily with themes of gothic/horror/macabre. This, as those who have gotten to know me, is actually where my heart lies.. though less of the gore type of stuff, I do have to say I am quite pleased to be able to take part in event that celebrates such a big side of me!

I was excited to find that the collective is back and active again. I was afraid that after I started my shop, I had lost my chance to take part in it due to the fact that the group activities had seemed defunct for quite awhile. It’s back under new management as of October(ish) and they are trying their best to ensure that the word gets out there on each and every sale! And now, onto my submission for this week! I wanted to start off with something that my dear customers can personalize a bit but still have that touch of gothic decadence, so I’ve placed the Gloaming framed art up for L$50. Be aware that it won’t always be old items, I applied the day before the submission deadline so I didn’t have time to prepare anything new or unique to release. On with the picture show!

._SF_. _The Gloaming_ Framed Art Set Ad

Here’s your Ride Across the Universe: Senzafine In-World

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