Weekly Sales

We have a few sales that are running from this weekend and into the week. Starting soon, the weekly sales will likely not be extended past their intended days of the week. I’ll keep everyone posted when it changes but until then, you all get to enjoy the sales for a bit longer than normal!

Aside from the New Releases of Audra and the sale bonuses over at The Outlet. I am also offering some home interior items for everyone to come and grab. Check out the previews here!

.:SF:. "Cloud Nine" Sideboard Console & Lamp
.:SF:. “Cloud Nine” Sideboard Console & Lamp @ L$99
.:SF:. "Hope Floats" Garden Arbor
.:SF:. “Hope Floats” Garden Arbor @ L$70
.:SF:. "Hope Floats" Birdbath
.:SF:. “Hope Floats” Birdbath @ L$99
.:SF:. "Xochitl" Potted Aloe Plant
.:SF:. “Xochitl” Potted Aloe Plant @ L$99


Your Ride Across the Universe: Senzafine In-World

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