Past Releases: Spring 2015

To continue our short series of posts, we bring you past releases of spring 2015. We start from the calendar seasonal beginning in late March. Behold! A spring seasonal 2015 look at product releases that never made it to the website individually! See anything you like (that isn’t noted not released yet)? Come visit Senzafine to shop in-world today!

Spring 2015 (March – May) – most recent first

Genre: “Safira” Eyeshadows + Liners

Senzafine’s new makeup packs are now out at Genre! The theme this month is Arabia so stop by for some beautiful exotic wares and looks. Our current offerings are some gorgeous smoky eyeshadows with a perfect catliner that will make your eyes speak volumes beneath the veil. They are currently available in 2 color packs consisting of warm colors and cool colors and matched up with the Shayla: Ajlal head scarf (Hijab) seen in the ads and made available by Paper Moon who is also participating at Genre this month!

"Safira" Eye Shadow + Liner - Cool Pack Ad
“Safira” Eye Shadow + Liner – Cool Pack Ad
"Safira" Eye Shadow + Liner - Warm Pack Ad
“Safira” Eye Shadow + Liner – Warm Pack Ad

Get them now @ Genre

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