Upcoming Changes

So the first 3 sets I’ve created have all been mostly no-mod on the prims. The realization hit me today that I really should be giving you, my wonderful customers.. much more flexibility. I know some of you like to tint or re-size things to taste and to fit your spaces much better.

Having said that, anyone who has gotten one of my items from the Marketplace, a direct sale in-world or through one of my vendors in-world will be sent a new mod/copy/no trans version once I change each set over and replace the ones currently up for sale. If you got it from one of my set up caspervend vendors, you can easily get it through the redelivery terminal if you missed the update send. Expect 1 new release this Friday at minimum! I hope to have time to release out more or at least prepare for more releases next week. I’ll be sending out notices with this info and other updates as I get that little light bulb flickering in my brainmeats.┬áHope you guys have an awesome week!

xoxo Synjari