A Sad Farewell and Forward Steps

Good Afternoon and hello everyone,

I’m a bad bad designer lol. I haven’t updated the site in so long and I apologize! I’ll try to do monthly posts going forward as release roundups until time frees up more. I hope to put a catalog function on the site so that I can get some backlog items done without having to bore you with blog posts. ;D It’s gonna be a work in progress. Onto the news!

It is with a sad heart that we must say farewell to Port Seraphine. Due to money constraints, our lovely Sim hostess, Nephilaine, will need to part with it later this month, unless some sort of miracle happens. Senzafine and Paper Moon have each found homes in new sims and once I hear from the other stores I will amend this post. Senzafine’s new and likely temporary home (6 or so months) will be housed and sharing space on the same sim as one of my friend’s new stores (not yet open) and will move with her should she expand to a full sim. Paper Moon has moved onto one of the sims for rent from the gals who run Enchantment event and she is settling quite comfortably thanks to their efforts of making her welcome.

Senzafine @ Milholland Rocks (New Store Location)
Paper Moon @ Sylpha (New Store Location)

I find this a new chapter in Senzafine and the store been through so many other chapters before. I figure that if I should move to a new sim, let us reinvent Senzafine with a new look. The store is currently set up in a temp skybox but I am working on a cute skysphere store that will have elements of fantasy, vintage and perhaps a bit of the surreal. I have always wanted this shop to be a reflection of fantastic items I make that my whim carries me with.. usually clothes or furniture I cannot find or otherwise afford RL. Isn’t that the case with most designers? I just want to remind my dear shoppers that Senzafine, though perhaps going through specific styles for months at a time, wont always adhere to those styles every release. I happen to love fantasy very much due to reading it voraciously as a kid, but its not the only thing I love. I love a great deal of beautiful things in this world and I get inspired by it all! I look forward to bringing more wonderful pretty things to make you smile and enhance your SL experience!

With love and appreciation,