A change in direction

As many of you know, I have been rather slow at releases these past two months. Half of its been due to some decline in health issues and the other half was holiday burnout. I am getting back into the swing of things again and also trying to continue with my resolution that this year I would push the boundaries of products that Senzafine carried and begin creating clothing. With that said, I present to you the first of many items to ring in the new year!

.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Aubergine [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Aubergine
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Wine [MESH]
“Audra” Coat in Wine
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Alpine [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Alpine
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Steel [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Steel
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Teal [MESH]
“Audra” Coat in Teal
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Midnight [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Midnight
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Espresso [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Espresso

Get the Wine, Steel and Alpine versions at an introductory discounted price @ The Outlet until January 30th.

All colors shown are currently available in-world @ the Main Store


A note about my absence

Hey Guys! I don’t have too much time to work on the blog right now due to a RL web project that is going to be launching on the 1st of September. I’ll post short updates as time allows. So sorry for anyone who is tryin to keep track through here. I do post out weekly notices on the in-world group and subscriber list and I will try to always keep the upcoming events on the website as up-to-date as possible.

I promise that I will try to give the in-world group a really nice pressie when my RL birthday comes up this month. =) Heck I might even do a bit more if time allows.


Upcoming Changes

So the first 3 sets I’ve created have all been mostly no-mod on the prims. The realization hit me today that I really should be giving you, my wonderful customers.. much more flexibility. I know some of you like to tint or re-size things to taste and to fit your spaces much better.

Having said that, anyone who has gotten one of my items from the Marketplace, a direct sale in-world or through one of my vendors in-world will be sent a new mod/copy/no trans version once I change each set over and replace the ones currently up for sale. If you got it from one of my set up caspervend vendors, you can easily get it through the redelivery terminal if you missed the update send. Expect 1 new release this Friday at minimum! I hope to have time to release out more or at least prepare for more releases next week. I’ll be sending out notices with this info and other updates as I get that little light bulb flickering in my brainmeats.┬áHope you guys have an awesome week!

xoxo Synjari

First post evar! Senzafine website is go!

Welcome all to what will be my web presence for my Senzafine brand. I will try my hardest to keep things up to date as time allows. If anything, you all will get posts with images of things I’m releasing and maybe even some sneak peeks at things that have yet to be released. Yay! Lets get to it!