Twisted Spring Events

Hey everyone! I am sorry I’ve neglected the website for so long. Life has been far busier than I expected it to be outside of SL so most of my time has gone towards development and many of the web-related activities had fallen by the wayside. That being said, I am going to be sharing a few events that have passed this year and work on a catalog area of the website in the future. Up right now is Twisted Spring Hunt: Magickal. The prize offered this time around is a tunic for men and one for women, done up twisted style! Also, I’ve recently put out a gacha for our first evar, Slink nail Appliers.

Visit the store In-World to search out the prizes and play for gacha pretties!

Woeful Wed: “Lokii” Crop Top

"Lokii" Strapped Crop Top - Noir Ad

Today’s Woefully Beautiful offering is the “Lokii” Strapped Crop Top. It’s a lovely top for those last warm days of an Indian Summer and start into Autumn. It can be worn as daywear or to go out to your favorite club!

The top is rigged and comes in 5 standard sizes. The demo is available at the store near the regular displays, so stop by and pick yours up today!

Visit the In-World Store or See the entire list for Woeful Wednesday

<3 Synjari

Sohma – New colors!

3 new colors were added to the Sohma outfit and with it, some changes. I will be rolling out updates to those who purchased the outfit prior. The top now comes with a hud that allows you to reverse the color blocks for your tops! Take a look at the new colors below.

Get it now @ Senzafine (Mainstore)

<3 Synny

3 New Colors for “Chloe” Dress

Hello Darlings! I am really really late in posting this, but better late than never! ;D I added 3 new colors to the Chloe lineup  for The Outlet earlier this month and they are in the process of being put up in the shop now that the round is over.

.:SF:. "Chloe" Babydoll Dress - Stormy
.:SF:. “Chloe” in Stormy

Get it now @ Senzafine (Mainstore)

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Cute + Lovely = Kawaii!

Hey peoples! The Kawaii Fair is in full swing and Senzafine is part of the action! I’ve created some cute and lovely dresses by the name of “Chloe” that will have you ready for any garden party. Also, as to not disappoint my Home & Garden customers, I also created a pretty vintage-inspired ottoman complete with 5 colors (omg you can match your dress to your seating!) and 20 animations for genders of all types! 😉 Check out the pictures and then teleport to the fair!

.:SF:. "Chloe" Babydoll Dress in Olive
“Chloe” in Olive
.:SF:. "Spencer" Vintage Ottoman
“Spencer” Vintage Ottoman

Your ride to the fair: Senzafine @ Kawaii Fair 2013

<3 Synny

“Sohma” Outfit Release

This is a bit late but I have a new set that has been released at Spring Fling in 4 different colours and more colors to come in the shop when the event ends! See below for the pretty tunics inspired by the amazing spring Hindu festival.. Holi (Festival of Colours).

.:SF:. "Sohma" Tank Tunic & Leggings - Peacock

Get it now: Epicosity Presents: Spring Fling Hunt & Market


New Release: “Evendim” @ Genre

Genre’s new monthly event is in full swing for another round. This round is all about the theme “Gothic: Beauty in Darkness”. For this round I’ve created a new set with a beautiful purple-toned blue. Dark and rich.. and especially vibrant, this set is extremely low prim for the detail that has been put into it! I’m trying something new this time around and I will be setting out copy-only versions for the event.

Teleport to Genre

SF Evendim Genre Edition [C]

SF Evendim Table Lamp [C]

SF Evendim Folding Screen [C]

SF Evendim Armchair [C]

SF Evendim Area Rug [C] Ad

SF Evendim Accent Table [C]

The pieces are all priced at L$100 and its still a huge savings off the pricing once the pieces get moved from the event to the main showroom! Should you wait til it shows up in the main showroom, I will make it worth the while of everyone to create more full featured options, plus things will be resizable at will! Also, I will be releasing other pieces to fill in the set to a full living room suite at that point!

Melissa Boatneck Top

Senzafine is happy to announce a new clothing release this weekend. The Melissa Boatneck Knit Top is now available at the main store. This rigged mesh top is available in eight colors: alpine, aubergine, berry, espresso, midnight, onyx, teal and wine. Come on over to the main store and demo for yourself.

SF Melissa Boatneck Knit Top - Alpine [MESH] Ad

SF Melissa Boatneck Knit Top - Aubergine [MESH] AdSF Melissa Boatneck Knit Top - Wine [MESH] AdSF Melissa Boatneck Knit Top - Teal [MESH] Ad

SF Melissa Boatneck Knit Top - Onyx [MESH] AdSF Melissa Boatneck Knit Top - Midnight [MESH] AdSF Melissa Boatneck Knit Top - Espresso [MESH] Ad

SF Melissa Boatneck Knit Top - Berry [MESH] Ad

Here’s your ride: Senzafine (In World)

Four Walls 2 Hunt has begun!

Hey minions of awesomeness! The Four Walls hunt started today. It features lots of great home and garden stores across the grid. The hunt is run completely through the blog, giving you links to the participating stores and hints for the hidden prize. Each prize is priced at L$20 so its a great deal for some top notch work. You’ll see everything from cute decor pieces all the way up to entire houses and skyboxes!

This what I have submitted to the hunt under Senzafine. It’s filled with 20+ single animations and 2 couple animations.

.:SF:. "Cloud Nine" Armchair
.:SF:. “Cloud Nine” Armchair

It goes really well with this hunt set that I created last year and now have for sale at the store that includes a lamp and a console table. I hope everyone enjoys this as I have had tons of fun making it!

.:SF:. "Cloud Nine" Sideboard Console & Lamp
.:SF:. “Cloud Nine” Sideboard Console & Lamp

Your Ride Across the Universe: Senzafine (In-World)