Senzafine Re-Opening Sale

Out with the old and in with the new! Senzafine, has moved to its own sim and is having a sale on all in-store items including our new fitted mesh sizes. The Re-Opening Sale will take place from August 22nd and end on Midnight August 28th. We will be holding a raffle and some giveaways on the 22nd (yay my birthday). Also, our best sellers in standard sizing will be pulled out during the event as a final farewell discount sale. Clearance items in standard sizes will not be available for sale after the event and most other standard sized products will be moving to marketplace only. Sale does not start until Midnight going into the 22nd but you are free to come explore the sim before then!

> Teleport to our new location now! <

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Lothíriel Dress

A new release is out for We Love RolePlay’s current round! Senzafine’s release at the event is the Lothíriel dress, a brand line of gowns for the fair and lovely ladies! The dresses are color matched as closely as possible so that you can use the Aesbrennil shoes with them (as is the case with the Beriawen separates and Deorwyn gowns) for ease of use.

This dress comes in 4 separate HUD color packs, with each pack holding 4 colors each with gold and silver trim options. All color packs come with a super awesome Ribbon HUD with many more options. The Ribbon HUD allows you to choose ANY of the offered colors from all 4 color packs in Gold or Silver embroidery options as well as controls to hide or show the ribbons, should you so choose.

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The dress comes in the usual 5 standard sizes plus 2 fuller sizes for those with more curves so stop by the event to try out a demo. Each pack is on special introductory sale price of L$325 (25% off normal pricing) so hurry before the month is over!

SF Lothiriel Dress Ad"Lothiriel" Dress

Visit our booth at We Love RolePlay (WLRP) in-world to try the demo and fall in love (we hope) with this new dress! If you miss this, they will be released to the main store in under the full price (so hurry and get it at discount). As a reminder please note that we have a new Senzafine store location.

<3 Synny

Past Releases: Summer 2015

To continue our short series of posts, we bring you past releases of Summer 2015. This season starts from the calendar in June and lasts to mid or late September. Behold! A summer seasonal 2015 look at product releases that never made it to the website individually! See anything you like (that isn’t noted not released yet)? Come visit Senzafine to shop in-world today!

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Summer 2015 (June to Mid-Sept) – most recent first

Past Releases: Spring 2015

To continue our short series of posts, we bring you past releases of spring 2015. We start from the calendar seasonal beginning in late March. Behold! A spring seasonal 2015 look at product releases that never made it to the website individually! See anything you like (that isn’t noted not released yet)? Come visit Senzafine to shop in-world today!

Spring 2015 (March – May) – most recent first

Past Releases: Winter 2014 and 2015

I will start off a short series of posts by showcasing past releases for Winter 2014 and 2015. I figured this to be a way to show you whats been going in past releases on without inundating everyone with too many posts or posts that were too long. Behold! A winter seasonal 2014 (and early 2015) look at product releases that never made it to the website individually! See anything you like (that isn’t noted not released yet)? Come visit Senzafine to shop in-world today!

Winter (December 2014 – Feb 2015) – most recent first

A Sad Farewell and Forward Steps

Good Afternoon and hello everyone,

I’m a bad bad designer lol. I haven’t updated the site in so long and I apologize! I’ll try to do monthly posts going forward as release roundups until time frees up more. I hope to put a catalog function on the site so that I can get some backlog items done without having to bore you with blog posts. ;D It’s gonna be a work in progress. Onto the news!

It is with a sad heart that we must say farewell to Port Seraphine. Due to money constraints, our lovely Sim hostess, Nephilaine, will need to part with it later this month, unless some sort of miracle happens. Senzafine and Paper Moon have each found homes in new sims and once I hear from the other stores I will amend this post. Senzafine’s new and likely temporary home (6 or so months) will be housed and sharing space on the same sim as one of my friend’s new stores (not yet open) and will move with her should she expand to a full sim. Paper Moon has moved onto one of the sims for rent from the gals who run Enchantment event and she is settling quite comfortably thanks to their efforts of making her welcome.

Senzafine @ Milholland Rocks (New Store Location)
Paper Moon @ Sylpha (New Store Location)

I find this a new chapter in Senzafine and the store been through so many other chapters before. I figure that if I should move to a new sim, let us reinvent Senzafine with a new look. The store is currently set up in a temp skybox but I am working on a cute skysphere store that will have elements of fantasy, vintage and perhaps a bit of the surreal. I have always wanted this shop to be a reflection of fantastic items I make that my whim carries me with.. usually clothes or furniture I cannot find or otherwise afford RL. Isn’t that the case with most designers? I just want to remind my dear shoppers that Senzafine, though perhaps going through specific styles for months at a time, wont always adhere to those styles every release. I happen to love fantasy very much due to reading it voraciously as a kid, but its not the only thing I love. I love a great deal of beautiful things in this world and I get inspired by it all! I look forward to bringing more wonderful pretty things to make you smile and enhance your SL experience!

With love and appreciation,

Tears of the Accused

A Tattered Page [*citation needed] is a brand new event brought to you by the lovely people at Cursed Events. The objective is to read a original literary work that is announced a month or two in advance. The designers participating then read the work and choose an aspect of the story that inspires them, creating one or more products that relate to the section. The citation needed part is that the designers must provide a notecard within the product that cites the part of the book that inspired their work. A minimum of 1 product is to be an exclusive product or exclusive color (merchant’s choice) that will not be featured for sale again after the event.

Reading through the book, my heart went out to Justine Moritz, who was one of the many innocent victims of Frankenstein and his decisions. Justine was wrongfully framed and accused of William Frankenstein’s murder. The real murderer being Victor Frankenstein’s creature.

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"Tears of the Accused" Necklace - ATP Exclusive

A special thanks to the creators at Pale Empress for providing such beautiful and poignant pieces to complete a somber look. The Hair, Dress and tear-stained makeup layer can be purchased at Pale Empress.

The event takes place at each store, although we have created a shopping guide full of all the important information, including photos of the products.

Teleport to Senzafine: In-World Main Store or View the Shopping Guide to see the inspired works by other creators who are participating!

<3 Synjari

September Releases

Other than the ongoing Seelie Court event, I’ve also had a few other releases that sadly I was unable to post about due to RL craziness. We <3 Role-Play was one of the more challenging rounds for me as I wanted to put as much detail into this as possible to make it feel more than what its polygons claimed it was.

Texturing, my friends, is really important to game companies. This proves true especially in MMO’s. New content can be challenging for frequent releases, so many times they use the same models and geometry and spin it a different way.

I want to bring that same workflow into SL and I know of a few other designers that do the same. The dress I featured this round, had a lot of details in texture. When textured differently it will be like a whole different dress, even though the model shape is the same. The first texturing of this dress though, I went as far out as I could on details. Enough talk, on to Aravereth.. the lovely court gown!

Aravereth Gown

The next release was for A Clockwork Spiral. Many of you in-world know how wildly successful it was due both to the build as well as everything the merchants were offering. We raised so much more than last year for the National Kidney Foundation.. and we are talking like, numbers that were creeping in to Cursed’s most successful event: World Goth Fair.

I released an officer’s jacket for women that dipped both into Steampunk as well as Dieselpunk, though my aim was more for the latter. Echelon is a new series I want to explore further but we shall start with the ladies first. This one comes in 8 colors, all reminiscent of military life in earlier days. There was a special color set which donated 100% and a small percentage of all other sales at the event both to benefit the NKF. Onwards to the ad image!

Echelon Jacket

Though the events are over, you can still stop by the main store and grab your favorite colors! Visit the In-World Store

<3 Synjari

Return of Fae Realms..

I am so excited to share this news with you. As some of you may know, I’ve had discussions with fellow oldbies about how much I missed the exploration factor of a shop. This is something that’s been slowly fading away from SL as people move on. Phedre Rossini of Southpaw wants to bring the feels back with a new event managed jointly by her staff and Sohma Dix of Paper Moon. This event has been going on for 2 months and a new round is just around the corner.

It’s been a very busy past two months RL that I was unable to update everyone here on the releases. So far, we have had 2 different types of releases at this new event. The releases are now out at the store and I hope that each of you will enjoy them!

The first release was for round one “Welcome to Faerie” I was happy to provide a unisex offering and created a full color set for the “Mirdain” Elvensmith tunics. There are now 8 colors available at the main store and even the original colors were re-worked so they are much more vibrant and have a better tactile visual!

Mirdain Elvensmith Tunic

For round two “The Shining Ones” we celebrated the classic elves. Being a Tolkien nut, however.. I veered from the classic definition of an elf and went with the elves of Middle Earth. For this, another tunic set was created called “Randir” meaning Wanderer/Pilgrim. It’s meant to evoke that wanderlust in us all.. so the bottoms are slightly dingy with dust and the tunic itself feels more travel-worn than usual. It comes in a set of 8 colors and is also available in both men’s and women’s.

Randir Tunic Jacket (Men)

Randir Tunic Jacket (Women)

Visit the In-World Store to find both of these product offerings now! Men’s products are located to the right side of the entrance. For more information on the event, visit the Isle of Myrth Website.

<3 Synjari

World Goth Fair is underway!

World Goth Fair is an annual Second Life event to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Officially sanctioned by the folks at World Goth Day, the event is produced and orchestrated by Cursed Events. It runs from May 15th until Midnight June 1st 2014. The event features over 80 merchants across the 3 sims of Cursed, Sium and Port Seraphine. Musical events are scheduled for Cursed courtesy of Gothika’s mobile unit.

Teleport: Cursed

Teleport: Sium

Teleport: Port Seraphine