Specials at Senzafine

A little bit of newness, and a lot of specials for you guys this weekend!

Out special for Sixty Linden Weekends is another great addition to the Gloaming set with this beautiful accent chair. Perfect for Halloween, it has a great gothic feel!

And for Super Sales Weekend, four pieces of the Xochitl set is up for grabs at a super great price; knocked down nearly 50%!

Here’s your taxi, enjoy!

The Costume Ball

Senzafine is proud to be a part of The Costume Ball by The Ego Co! Running from October 24th until November 1st, this event showcases the classy side of darkness.

Exclusive for the event is the Nevermore set. It comes with everything seen above, and showcases more than 30 animations for couples and singles!

Hunts Galore!

Senzafine is so glad to be a part of a ton of hunts and events right now! Here’s a quick rundown of our items to get you tempted.

For the Trick or Treat hunt, we offer the Sleeping Sun trees for only 1L! There’s 10 trees, including groundcover and falling leaves, for only 5LI.

For the MadPea: Case of Praying Mary hunt, we have an extension of our Gloaming set with this beautiful accent chair for this very interactive hunt.

Special for the Autumn Effect hunt, we have our Gloaming Candelabra in a festive Autumn colour palette.

And lastly, though it’s not a hunt, I gotta tell you about this! We have a group gift out just for The Outlet. All you have to do is join The Outlet group, and get yours!

Just head to our mainstore to start searching. Happy hunting!

Happiness is Going Down the Shore

.:SF:. Down the Shore Accent Chair (Aqua)
.:SF:. Down the Shore Accent Chair (Aqua)
.:SF:. Down the Shore Accent Chair (Aqua)

Summer time is here and at least where I live (New Jersey) people are extending every weekend they possibly can to lengthen their time at their rented or owned homes down the shore. To Jersey folks, its down the shore.. to folks like me who were born in the southwest.. it just means goin’ to the beach! Either way, I have a beautiful piece from a set I am currently working on right now. I am really falling so in love with this set that I wish I had the money RL to either get it or commission it. Ahh.. the beauty of SL is the fact that what we cannot have in RL, we can make in SL.

This chair will be available for free (yes you read that correctly) via the Happy Home Hunt that will be starting on July 10th. After the hunt ends, I’m sticking it in with the rest of its family because it would otherwise become a┬ávery sad little chair. I encourage you to come visit and see the set for yourself once it’s released!

Get the hunt item in-world @ Senzafine Main Store