Words For Lovers

Special and just for The Nest‘s Valentine’s Gift Event is this adorable decor piece that’s perfect for giving to that special someone because it’s transfer!

Words for lovers

It comes with a large selection of phrases (25 in total) from ‘Be Mine’, ‘Marry Me’, ‘XOXO Me’, and ‘True Love’, as well as 3 different security options.

Until February 14th, it can only be found on The Nest, so head on over!

Woeful Wednesday @ Senzafine

This week Senzafine got accepted into the recently revived Woeful Wednesday which features up to 40 designers each week placing items up for sale at only L$50! The theme for the weekly group is based off the designers themselves, dealing primarily with themes of gothic/horror/macabre. This, as those who have gotten to know me, is actually where my heart lies.. though less of the gore type of stuff, I do have to say I am quite pleased to be able to take part in event that celebrates such a big side of me!

I was excited to find that the collective is back and active again. I was afraid that after I started my shop, I had lost my chance to take part in it due to the fact that the group activities had seemed defunct for quite awhile. It’s back under new management as of October(ish) and they are trying their best to ensure that the word gets out there on each and every sale! And now, onto my submission for this week! I wanted to start off with something that my dear customers can personalize a bit but still have that touch of gothic decadence, so I’ve placed the Gloaming framed art up for L$50. Be aware that it won’t always be old items, I applied the day before the submission deadline so I didn’t have time to prepare anything new or unique to release. On with the picture show!

._SF_. _The Gloaming_ Framed Art Set Ad

Here’s your Ride Across the Universe: Senzafine In-World

<3 Synny

Weekly Sales

We have a few sales that are running from this weekend and into the week. Starting soon, the weekly sales will likely not be extended past their intended days of the week. I’ll keep everyone posted when it changes but until then, you all get to enjoy the sales for a bit longer than normal!

Aside from the New Releases of Audra and the sale bonuses over at The Outlet. I am also offering some home interior items for everyone to come and grab. Check out the previews here!

.:SF:. "Cloud Nine" Sideboard Console & Lamp
.:SF:. “Cloud Nine” Sideboard Console & Lamp @ L$99
.:SF:. "Hope Floats" Garden Arbor
.:SF:. “Hope Floats” Garden Arbor @ L$70
.:SF:. "Hope Floats" Birdbath
.:SF:. “Hope Floats” Birdbath @ L$99
.:SF:. "Xochitl" Potted Aloe Plant
.:SF:. “Xochitl” Potted Aloe Plant @ L$99


Your Ride Across the Universe: Senzafine In-World

<3 Synny

Cold Winter Nights Hunt is under way

The “Audra” Winter Coat in Prussian is an exclusive color for the Cold Winter Nights Hunt. The hunt is masterminded by Lilly Juno of Immerse (currently dba Prism Furniture) and is hosted by the team @ GoofNutz Events. The designers were all hand-picked to ensure that hunters would get some really choice and top notch pieces. The prizes represent a wide range of designers and products. The hunt and all its treasures will run until February 15th.

As you saw in an earlier post, I decided to start my foray into clothing designs and offer up my very first creation to you all at the shocking price of L$10 (all the designs in this hunt cost only L$10, can you believe that?!) so come down and get yours now, ladies! After the hunt ends, its gone gone gone!

.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Prussian [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Prussian [Cold Winter Nights Hunt]
Your Ride Across the Universe: Senzafine (In-World)


Four Walls 2 Hunt has begun!

Hey minions of awesomeness! The Four Walls hunt started today. It features lots of great home and garden stores across the grid. The hunt is run completely through the blog, giving you links to the participating stores and hints for the hidden prize. Each prize is priced at L$20 so its a great deal for some top notch work. You’ll see everything from cute decor pieces all the way up to entire houses and skyboxes!

This what I have submitted to the hunt under Senzafine. It’s filled with 20+ single animations and 2 couple animations.

.:SF:. "Cloud Nine" Armchair
.:SF:. “Cloud Nine” Armchair

It goes really well with this hunt set that I created last year and now have for sale at the store that includes a lamp and a console table. I hope everyone enjoys this as I have had tons of fun making it!

.:SF:. "Cloud Nine" Sideboard Console & Lamp
.:SF:. “Cloud Nine” Sideboard Console & Lamp

Your Ride Across the Universe: Senzafine (In-World)


A change in direction

As many of you know, I have been rather slow at releases these past two months. Half of its been due to some decline in health issues and the other half was holiday burnout. I am getting back into the swing of things again and also trying to continue with my resolution that this year I would push the boundaries of products that Senzafine carried and begin creating clothing. With that said, I present to you the first of many items to ring in the new year!

.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Aubergine [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Aubergine
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Wine [MESH]
“Audra” Coat in Wine
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Alpine [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Alpine
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Steel [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Steel
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Teal [MESH]
“Audra” Coat in Teal
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Midnight [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Midnight
.:SF:. "Audra" Winter Coat - Espresso [MESH] Ad
“Audra” Coat in Espresso

Get the Wine, Steel and Alpine versions at an introductory discounted price @ The Outlet until January 30th.

All colors shown are currently available in-world @ the Main Store


In Bloom

Just in time to start your seasonal decorating, and even carry it into the next few months, Senzafine has given us the adorable Snowbloom set.

These perfectly seasonal goodies are in store right now, but that’s not the only pieces you can snag!

These two other parts to the set are available at The Outlet, so be sure to swing by to complete the look.

The rest of the set will be released in the next few days, so keep a look out!

Plethora of Poinsettias

Lots of new stuff this weekend, and for amazing one time sale prices, too! Just in time for the holidays are these beautiful poinsettias in a wide range of colours.

All are available NOW at Senzafine!

Each beautiful colour is transferable, so they make perfect gifts! There’s so many colours to pick from and 10 different pot textures to choose, so there’s no reason not to get one of these lovely flowers.