Thank you for your interest in joining my Blogging Army for Senzafine. Please read the following and if you agree to these terms, fill out the form linked at the bottom!


  • Your blog needs to be at least 4 months old.
  • You have blogged at least 1 Senzafine product in the past
  • You are an active blogger (More than 1 post per month)
  • You can communicate in English
  • Your picture quality is at least nice (No blurry, pixelated, etc)
  • Most importantly, your blogging style fits with my designs

I use private “mailing lists” (both fashion and furniture) and don’t have a separate SL group, so you won’t receive a group invitation. I will, however, send you a notecard/IM if you are accepted! The notecards I send have images of products for events and new releases and I try to group events together to avoid sending out too many notecards.

I’ve tried to streamline the system so that you all can rely on asking and waiting on me a lot less. Notecards are sent for items that have been released both currently and within the recent past. The process is as follows:

  1. Bloggers get mailed out notecards w/ LM to blogger box inside.
  2. You can choose which items you would like to blog from here (Blogger mail list is the same list used for access to the product boxes in this area)
  3. Demos are available in the skybox because…
  4. From the point that you grab a product from the box, you’re committing to blog these items and must do so within 2-3 weeks (1 weeks if you wish to cover time-sensitive events)
  5. If in the time allotted, you don’t post about the requested items, you will be struck from the list.
  6. Exception: Notify me beforehand to let me know if there is a dire emergency that will not allow you to do so. Keep in mind, repeatedly doing so will also result in being taken off the list.
  7. Once the post is created, I’d really appreciate it if you sent a notecard with the url. I like to post blogger reviews on my pinterest so that it can also be featured on the website widget.

I know bloggers receive a lot of review copies and I totally understand when everyone has a heavy workload. I do expect to have at least one item blogged every month so long as there is a release within that month, usually I have at minimum 2 new releases a month. If you cannot do this much, then you will be notified and dropped from the list. I basically want people who truly like my products, not just out to get free items. I’ve been a bit burned before from giving review copies out freely and I just find its easier to see which bloggers genuinely like my creations. Also, if you aren’t on the blogger product box lists but you are on the mailing list, let me know and I can cross-reference.

The forms will store your information, helping me keep track of all of you much easier than in-world notecards. I review the submissions every week or so (depending how busy it gets) and you will be notified by notecard/IM if you’re accepted. Thank you!

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